Beijing Tea Collection

Beijing was the place where we infused ourselves with traditional ancient Teas, unheard of in Europe. This led to the founding collection for Kiani Tea, The Beijing Collection.

When starting Kiani Tea, it was always with the intention of celebrating and appreciating true tea made the way nature intended it. Real tea doesn't need flavouring or additives, it is perfect as it already is. Flavourings are usually added to cover bad quality tea. We were determined to source only high quality pure tea to serve proudly. 
In Beijing we were reminded of our appreciation of authentic Tea and the teas selected for our Beijing Tea collection are a reflection of that appreciation. They are also  memories of our tea times in Beijing.

The six kinds of tea presented here take you through morning til night.

For mornings we recommend the clean and refreshing Fujian White Peony Tea or the Umami Rich Wu Lu Green Mountain Mist.

Golden Monkey and Aged Black Tree Tea make the perfect Afternoon Tea while the Bengal Beauty Rose Buds make an excellent caffeine free evening infusion before bed time. The Phoenix Honey Orchid Oolong might replace the glass of wine after work. 

Take a moment for yourself, slow down and appreciate good tea as nature intended it. 

Discover the full collection here. 

 A space like DeHui Tea Space (see below) , nestled in the cramped ancient Hutong neighbourhood in Beijing, is a great example of the modern/ancient fusion in Beijing. From strolling around the ancient Hutong neighbourhood, you would never imagine a modern, crisp and tranquil space like DeHui could exist in the ancient Hutong neighbourhood. 

DeHui Tea Space has been designed to encourage gentle conversation and a heightened appreciation of Tea. A space also meant to offer respite from the busy streets outside. We hope to offer the same to you, a space to respite from a noisy life through moments with tea and you.