Forbidden City Tea - Our Second Tea Collection

Throughout Chinese history, the best and most luxurious teas have been given in tribute to the Chinese Imperial Families. Tea drinking was throughout each Dynasty, an important part of palace life where prominent officials and eminent people used tea drinking as an occasion to foster friendships and discuss poetry. Tea drinking was an important part to palace life. In our Forbidden City Tea collection, you can enjoy some of these traditional and luxurious tribute teas yourself. 
We hope you will like our new teas as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. Each tea is selected for its premium characteristic flavours, their history and luxurious qualities fit for Palace Imperials.

The collection takes you through morning till night.

For mornings we recommend our Selection of Green Teas, Spring Maojian Green Fur Tips or Temple of Heaven Green Pearl Tea. Afternoons may call for our Jasmine Pearls or Black Needle Tea while early evening could offer on Imperial Black Dragon Oolong or White Jasmine Silver Needle, replacing what could have been a cocktail. 

We hope you will enjoy this collection as much as we do.


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