First Flush 2022 Gilan Harvest
First Flush 2022 Gilan Harvest
First Flush 2022 Gilan Harvest

First Flush 2022 Gilan Harvest

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Enjoy the finest selection of 2022 Iranian First Flush Tea harvested in small Gilan tea gardens in Northern Iran; an area famed for its tea cultivation.

The Iranian people could not cultivate tea until the late 19th century when Haj Mohammad Mirza Kashef Al-Saltaneh, a diplomat, traveled to India and learned about the suitable climate for growing tea plants. He smuggled tea saplings to Iran despite the protectionism policies of England aimed at keeping other countries out of the tea trade. Now you can guess who the father of Iranian tea is! As of today, a big part of northern Iran along the shores of the Caspian Sea is suitable for the cultivation of tea. Especially in the Gilan province, on the slopes of the Alborz mountains, large areas are under tea cultivation, and thousands of people work in the Persian tea industry. That region covers a large part of Iran’s need for tea. Due to the good weather and agricultural conditions, most gardens in Gilan Province don’t use pesticides or herbicides. It’s rare to enjoy Iranian Tea outside of Iran’s borders, so we are very thrilled for you to enjoy the first Iranian harvest of the year.

Handpicked in April 2022 and Processed by Lo Tea founded by Mostafa and Mohammad in 2017 to create a small batch of high-quality artisan Iranian Tea, whilst equipping their workers with generous pay for their hard work.

Each Sample Box contains 40g of First Flush Single Garden Gilan Tea (elevation 200)

10g x Handpicked and hand-rolled Black Tea from Lahijan, Sarcheshmeh (only 1000gram can be produced each day)

10g x Handpicked Black Mountain Tea, Gilan Province Harvest 

10g x Handpicked line4000 Black Tea, Lajihan, Gilan Province (only 4000gram can be produced every day)

10g x Machine Picked Fuman garden Tea

Expect deep caramel, nutty and fruity flavors which are best brought out with a generous amount of leaves and long steep times. (Brewing notes on packaging)