Fujian Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Fujian Ceremonial Grade Matcha

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Fujian Ceremonial Matcha brews a rich emerald green tea with subtle savoury flavours, while offering a sweet earthy/floral undertone unique to the Fujian grown matcha. Full-bodied and blended to create a clean and rich matcha tea. 

Fujian Ceremonial Matcha is characterised by its captivating fresh aroma found only in the most exceptional shade-grown green tea. Fujian Ceremonial matcha is both perfect to be brewed on its own or mixed with milk into a latte. 

When you drink green matcha, you are consuming the whole tea plant, so you are naturally taking in more of the health benefits of Green Tea. It is said the drinking green matcha could help boost brain function. The chlorophyll in green tea and specifically matcha tea is particularly known to be good for skin health. Matcha Tea is an exceptionally healthy way to get your day started. 

How to: Place 2-4 scoops of matcha in your bowl, then wet with 15ml of max 70℃ water. Thoroughly knead the mixture using your bamboo whisk until smooth paste forms. Gradually add 70ml of heated water or milk at no more than 70℃ and mix until consistent.