Fujian Matcha Discovery Box
Fujian Matcha Discovery Box
Fujian Matcha Discovery Box
Fujian Matcha Discovery Box

Fujian Matcha Discovery Box

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Nature is colourful ~ A celebratory Matcha Discovery Box with the entire Fujian Matcha Collection sampled up and ready for you to explore.

Ever since launching Kiani Tea, the Fujian Matcha Collection has been very sought after - so here is a limited edition Discovery Box for you to enjoy. This also makes an excellent gift for a matcha lover. 

Consisting of 5 x 6g samples giving you enough to enjoy 3-6 cups of each sample. BONUS: Each box comes with a surprise sample! 

6g Fujian Ceremonial Grade Matcha

6g Fujian Traditional Latte Matcha

6g Fujian Blue Matcha

6g Bengal Beauty Rose Matcha

6g Black Panda Matcha

Each sample has making instructions on the back! We highly recommend using a Matcha Whisk when making matcha.

So what is Matcha?

The word Matcha comes from Japanese. "Ma" translates as "rubbed" or "ground", while "cha" means tea. The meaning is Powdered Tea. Classically, Matcha refers to Powdered Green Tea. For our Fujian Matcha collection, we were inspired by recent travels to China where we discovered many forms of natural powdered tea: Rose Powder Tea, Blue butterfly Tea, Black Charcoal Powder Tea, and of course Fujian made green matcha, which we fell in love with, so we wanted to share it all with you!

Did you know Matcha originated from China? In the 8th century, Chinese Zen Monks first found the joy of pulverising the green tea leaves and drinking the earliest form of matcha. This early matcha powder involved the leaves being steamed, dried, and packed tightly together to make it easily portable. The monks would then break off a piece of the dried leaf mass and grind it to a fine powder before whisking it in hot water to make a frothy tea. As this drink grew in popularity amongst the monks, they began to develop detailed rituals for the preparation and consumption of the beverage. 

It wasn’t until the 12th century that matcha was introduced to Japan. A Japanese Buddhist monk named Eisai made a journey to China and became so enamored with two practices he found there - Zen Buddhism and Matcha. Upon his return to Japan, he spent the rest of his life writing and teaching others about both. Matcha making was further developed and refined in Japan. It is often forgotten that China was the original makers of Matcha, so our Fujian-made matcha is a celebration of that!