Fujian White Peony
Fujian White Peony

Fujian White Peony

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2020 Spring Harvest -  Fujian, China.

An uplifting white tea with a light floral freshness. Farmed and delicately crafted at the peak of the Taimu Mountains (600m above sea level) in Chinas’s Fujian Province, the origin of White Peony Tea, known all over the world for its high-quality white teas.

Entirely handcrafted during the fresh spring harvest, Fujian White Peony Tea is made of young leaves and buds of the Da Bai cultivar of the Camellia Sinensis plant. The freshly plucked buds and leaves are withered under natural sunlight, which allows mild, natural oxidation to occur.

Being the least processed of all teas, White tea is known as a richer source of antioxidants than other teas. Excellent as an immune system toner and an excellent health-benefit packed tea to begin your day with.

Tea Notes:

  • Appearance: Translucent, pale golden liquor.
  • Aroma:   Floral (peony), honey, dried hay.
  • Flavor:   Fresh, mild, honeydew melon, milky, vegetal, floral (peony). A delicate hint of apricot. A great balance between delicate sweetness and acidity.
  • Mouthfeel:   Very smooth, light-bodied liquor.

Brewing Idea:

  • 2-3g of tea per 150-200ml water (1 teacup). Boil water to 80℃. Steep for 30-60 seconds.
  • You can increase the leaf portion, and make several, short steeps with White Peony too. We do this a lot here at Kiani Tea for mornings tea ceremonies. For example, increase leaf portion to 5-8g and steep for 6 seconds only. Then use the same leaves for several infusions and keep the steeping time very short. You can use a Gaiwan or a Tea Basket to do this.