Maku Organic Dried Chamomile

Maku Organic Dried Chamomile

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Smells like a jar of honey. Organic Chamomile Flowers from Maku, Azerbaijan Province, Iran. Hand-picked and sundried in June 2022.

Chamomile has been used in herbal medicine for centuries for its soothing, therapeutic properties. Whether you need help falling asleep at night, reducing stress, or improving the quality of your skin, chamomile can help you.

We have a very limited amount of Iranian Chamomile available, so grab yours while in stock. Each 25g pack comes in a Kiani Tea White Recycled canister (worth £9.90).


Tea Notes

  • Appearance: Golden liquor.
  • Aroma: Honey, marshmallow, floral.
  • Flavour: Sweet honey, marshmallow, steamed milk, sugar snaps 
  • Mouthfeel: Soothing, thick liquor

Brewing Idea:

Use 3g in your cup or 5g in your teapot. Pour boiling water into your teapot/cup and infuse for 3-5 minutes. You can reuse the leaves for a second infusion.