Pear Gaiwan Enamel Pin
Pear Gaiwan Enamel Pin

Pear Gaiwan Enamel Pin

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I have been wanting to get my hands on these adorable tea designs by Teathoughts for some time now. Nazanin, the founder of Teathoughts, designs these beautiful tea-themed pins herself. You can pin your little Gaiwan onto your t-shirt, handbag, jacket, or any fabric surface you like. Makes an excellent gift for a tea fan.
About Pear Gaiwain Enmail Pin in Nazanin's own words:
"This Gaiwan enamel pin has a design revolving around pears, one of my favourite fruits. I also have fond memories of enjoying pears at many different times of the year including winter. The word for Pear in Farsi is "Golabi". "Gol" means flower, 'ab" means water"

The listing  is for one blue moon gaiwan enamel pin

Gold plated