The Kiani Tea Story

Founded by a tea enthusiast in 2020, Kiani Tea is dedicated to sourcing authentic, loose leaf teas directly from tea farms and their highly skilled tea makers.

Real tea doesn't need additives or flavourings. Kiani Tea was created to celebrate real tea, made the way nature intended it. Our founder (pictured below) is on a mission to have you drink better tea and to support a craft that is not passed down enough in the 21st century. This could eventually mean that traditional tea making and drinking as we know it, will decline with time. 

Drinking single origin tea means healthier and better quality tea for you while supporting tea farmers, their biodynamic farming methods, and the tradition of authentic tea drinking.

To ensure only the best tea is sipped through Kiani Tea, our founder sources tea, free from additives and harmful pesticides. 

"My story with Tea goes way back to 1923 where my great grandfather was a prominent tea merchant in the ancient Persia. Though I never got to meet him, the memory of him is very vivid to me through the tales in my family. When I was just 5 years old I was gifted a silver samovar by my Persian grandmother. She used to invite me to make tea with her, and that is some of my sweetest memories with her. Little did I know that I would become a tea enthusiast with the years to come. And little did I know that the silver samovar I was gifted, I would only get to use with her one time. I haven't used it since she passed away. Starting Kiani Tea to me means reconnecting with my tea roots and to carry on the tea journey of my great grand father, this time in London.

Each purchase has a social impact through our partnership with Eden Projects. We plant as many trees as we can. The degradation of the environment and civilisations in affected areas is something that really concerns me. I want to do anything I can to contribute to the bigger picture in this world."

You can read more about our partnership with Eden Projects here.