Kashan Rosebuds

Kashan Rosebuds

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Perfect little whole rosebuds hand-picked dew-fresh during 2023 April's rose harvest and slow-dried for an enchanting and sweet floral flavor. A graceful, sweet, and fragrant infusion. 

Naturally caffeine-free, the Damask Rose has been used for thousands of years in Iran as a symbol of beauty, friendship, and love in poetry, for culinary, medicinal, and beauty purposes. It's an important ingredient in Iranian cuisine too.

Being both naturally caffeine-free and packed with health and beauty-related benefits, it's an excellent tea to ease off with into the evening.


  • 3g rose buds
  • Use 200ml filtered water boiled at 95℃
  • Steep 5 minutes before pouring to drink

Rose Tea helps ease anxiety and depression, it's anti-inflammatory which aids in clearing up your skin, and it may aid weightloss and support hair growth.