Rose Matcha
Rose Matcha

Rose Matcha

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It is for good reason Rose has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries. We are very excited to introduce you to our beloved, velvety rose matcha powder and share with you all the benefits she offers. Rose Matcha is your daily booster with so many health benefits both physically and spiritually.

In TMC, rose petals and their medicine help to move and open a heart that has tightened emotionally and spiritually. In China, the heart is believed to be a physical organ and the seat of consciousness. TCM uses the term shen, to describe this spirit. TCM teaches that rose has a powerful effect on the spiritual state of one’s heart. So drinking rose tea helps boost your shen and your overall well-being.

This is stronger medicine than the usual Rose Tea, where you seep Rosebuds in water. When drinking Rose Matcha you are taking in the whole rose that has been ground to a fine powder. So naturally, you are taking in more of the benefits.

A perfect nervine, great for uplifting your mood and a natural depression fighter, rose also has antispasmodic, aphrodisiac and sedative qualities, as well as being anti-inflammatory which aids to healthy-looking, clear skin. Rose helps regulate menstruation as well as stimulate digestion.

Rose Matcha is made organically with roses from Shangdong, home of the China Rose. The roses are slow dried and ground to a fine powder, crafted the same way as you would craft green matcha. Shangdong’s history with rose cultivation dates back to the Tang Dynasty. The roots of our roses are deep.

Brewing Notes

Place approx. 4-5 scoops of rose matcha in your bowl. Then wet with 15 ml water of water that is heated to approx 70ºC (prevent very high heat as it increases bitterness and lowers medicinal properties) Thoroughly knead mixture using bamboo whisk until smooth paste forms. Add 70ml of heated milk of your choice and mix until consistent. It is safe/recommended to increase the amount of powder if more colour or flavour is desired. Add honey for enhancing the flavour in your rose matcha. For a cold brew, place in fridge, wait until cooled or pour the mixture directly over ice cubes. Enjoy.