Gilani Inspired Gift Box
Gilani Inspired Gift Box
Gilani Inspired Gift Box

Gilani Inspired Gift Box

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Discover the Gilani Inspired Gift Box: A Taste of Iranian Elegance

Immerse yourself in the rich cultural flavors of Gilan with our exquisite Gilani-Inspired Gift Box, elegantly wrapped in authentic Iranian fabric. This carefully curated ensemble celebrates the essence of Iranian tea traditions, featuring a box of premium Fuman City Iranian tea renowned for its robust flavor and smooth finish.

Accompanying this fine tea is a jar of luxurious Iranian rose jam, meticulously hand-crafted to add a touch of floral sweetness to your tea experience. Complete the ensemble with a charming tea pin from Tea Thoughts, a delightful addition to any tea lover's collection of accessories.

🍵 Fuman City Iranian Tea: Indulge in the bold flavors of Fuman City tea, a hallmark of Iranian tea craftsmanship that promises a memorable tea-drinking experience.

🌹 Iranian Rose Jam: Elevate your tea ritual with the exquisite sweetness of Iranian rose jam, a perfect complement to the rich flavors of our premium teas.

📍 Tea Thoughts Tea Pin: Adorn your attire with a tea pin that captures the essence of tea culture, a thoughtful accessory that celebrates your love for tea.

Wrapped in authentic Iranian fabric, our Gilani Inspired Gift Box not only promises exceptional taste but also embodies the cultural richness and elegance of Iranian tea heritage.