Golden Yunnan Sword

Golden Yunnan Sword

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2020 Spring Harvest - Fengqing County, Yunnan Province, China.

An unusual hybrid artisan tea crafted in Yunnan Province. Characteristically deep and satisfyingly sweet, malty, and chocolaty. Black Teas from Yunnan are traditionally known for their non-astringent black teas, and this one is not an exception.  If you like malt and chocolate sweetness in tea, this tea will be the perfect pick for you. Indulging, heartwarming, and satisfying. Try as an upgraded breakfast tea or pair with cake in the afternoon. 

While many Dian Hong (Yunnan red) black teas are produced from the popular Camellia sinensis varietals, the Golden Sword Tea is unique as it is produced from an unusual hybrid referred to as Feng Qing #17.  Feng Qing #17 is a relatively new varietal planted around 20-30 years ago.  It's a hybrid of local Feng Qing Taliensis and Assamica.  The leaves and buds are very large and are only processed with a light level of oxidation to produce a good-tasting and balanced tea with notes of malt and chocolate.  If you like malt and chocolate sweetness in tea, this tea will be the perfect pick for you.

Brewing Idea

  • 3g of tea per 200ml water. Boil fresh, filtered water at 95℃. Steep for 2 minutes.

  • Tea Notes

    • Appearance: Amber Liquor

    • Aroma: Cacao, molasses,  tobacco, maple syrup.

    • Flavor: Malty, dark chocolate, milky, sweet molasses, maple syrup, spices, coppery finish.

    • Mouthfeel: Well-rounded, full-bodied mouthfeel. Sweet and chocolatey aftertaste.

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