Jin Jun Mei DELUXE
Jin Jun Mei DELUXE

Jin Jun Mei DELUXE

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2023 Spring Harvest - Tong Mu, Fujian, China

Indulge in the world's priciest and most celebrated luxurious black tea. Indulging, rich, and satisfying. In China, Jin Jun Mei is typically purchased as a gift. Jin Jun Mei Deluxe Grade is the highest grade of Jin Jun Mei in the market.

Jin Jun Mei (golden eyebrows) is a relatively modern tea, only introduced to the market just around 15 years ago. Originating from Tongmu Village in the Wuyi Mountain region, the home of Lapsang Souchong. All teas from this region enjoy superior natural conditions.

Jin Jun Mei is one of the finest teas produced in the famous Wu Yi mountains. It is picked and processed in the early spring, and it is completely handmade. In fact, intense labour is required to produce Jin Jun Mei, where each 100g usually contains around 10.000 handpicked and hand-rolled buds, the hard work is reflected in the price tag too, the labour and incredible flavour profile makes this the most luxurious tea in the world.

Jin Jun Mei Tea Benefits

According to Chinese medicine experts, Jin Jun Mei leaf tea is a great beauty tea as it can assist in cleansing and beautifying the skin. In addition, it can nourish the stomach, strengthen the immune system, calm the nerves, and slow down the ageing process.

Brewing Idea

  • 5-8g of tea per 200ml water. Boil fresh, filtered water at 95℃. Steep for 10 seconds. Make 8 sessions each time increasing steep time by 5 seconds. 

  • Tea Notes

    • Appearance: Whiskey coloured liquor

    • Aroma: Biscoff biscuits, bush honey, burnt caramel, sugarcane, danish pastries, dark wood, sweet rum, chocolate

    • Flavour: Almond Biscotti, dark chocolate milk, caramel, cocoa butter, hints of rose-flavoured Turkish delights, honey, roasted chestnut.

    • Mouthfeel: Incredibly soft, thick, creamy, and slightly velvety in the finish. 

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