Kiani Tea Porcelain Gaiwan 200 ml

Kiani Tea Porcelain Gaiwan 200 ml

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Custom Kiani Tea (200ml) White Porcelain Gaiwan.

The easiest way to make rich and flavourful tea is with a traditional Gaiwan. Our custom Gaiwan is large enough for decent portions for 1 or for sessions with 3-4 people.

The large size of our custom Gaiwan makes it beginner-friendly, easy to hold, and easy to pour from. Watch our videos on Instagram for inspiration.

Load your Gaiwan with tea, pour water, put the lid on, and wait only a few seconds before pushing the lid back with your index finger and pour the tea into your cup or a tea jug (also known as gong dao bei).

Repeat this process for as long as your tea leaves will give you tea. Usually, it's somewhere between 3-8 sessions depending on the tea you are brewing.

Each Gaiwan Sale plants 10 trees. Read more about our Eden Partnership here.