Kokolækker Gift Box
Kokolækker Gift Box
Kokolækker Gift Box

Kokolækker Gift Box

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You can never go wrong with a beautiful gift box filled with chocolate goods.

Drink all the chocolate goodness you desire and don't worry about the sugar and calories, as this is the chocolate TEA we are talking about here. 

A tea that is a sugar-free, caffeine-free alternative to traditional hot chocolate drinks, that satisfies sweet cravings and leaves you feeling light.

Kokolækker tea is made from the outer shells of cacao beans and blended with natural, organic ingredients.

Each box comes with 

50g Lava Pure Cacao Tea

50g After Eight Minty Cacao Tea

50g Alani Cacao Orange Tea

1 x Gold Kiani Tea Gold Basket Infuser (worth £16)

Tea Notes

Each sip is like enjoying a piece of quality chocolate. Enjoy our pure Koko version, a Peppermint Blend, and the refreshing Orange blend. You will love them.

Brewing Idea

  • You make Kokolækker Tea the same way you would make loose leaf tea. 
  • Fill your Tea Infuser Basket (which comes with each gift box) with 5-8g of tea leaves, leave it in your mug and pour 100℃ fresh, filtered water over it. Steep for 5 minutes and enjoy.

  •  You can enjoy your  kokolækker tea pure or with a splash of milk

  • No added flavourings.