Green Lady Yang Guifei  (Snow White Tea)

Green Lady Yang Guifei (Snow White Tea)

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2020 First Flush Spring Harvest -  Fujian Province, China.

A satisfying, refreshing and light Green Tea dominated by rich umami, flavours of steamed milk and buttered sugar snaps. A real Connoisseur tea.

Traditionally being the First Harvest of the year, the Green Lady Yang Guifei Tea(Snow-White in Chinese) is made with the newest, tiniest leaves of the tea plant, known as the “bud” (unopened leaf) and is plucked as soon as the snow has started melting in early spring, revealing the fresh buds, that have stored their nutrients during the long winter. Those nutrients are transferred to your cup and give an almost meal-like flavour to the brewed tea.

Green Lady Yang Guifei Tea is packed with antioxidants and has high chlorophyll levels making it an exceptionally healthy and pleasant tea to begin your day with.

Tea Notes:

  • Appearance: Golden 
  • Aroma: Sugared candy, steamed milk, cooked vegetal, fresh grass
  • Flavour: Steamed milk, rich umami, vegetal, candy, rice pudding, salted butter
  • Mouthfeel: Refreshing, full-bodied, clean, smooth, aromatic flavor that fills the mouth. Sweet, lingering aftertaste.

Brewing Idea:

  • 3g-4g per teacup (150ml). Boil fresh, filtered water at 75℃. Steep for 1-2 minutes. 

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