London Breakfast Tea

London Breakfast Tea

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For a limited time only, our Premium London Breakfast Tea collection is available to enjoy as teabags.

The package consists of 10 Teabags and the teabags can be used for a second infusion.

5 x N1 Secret Breakfast Tea Bags

(Kiani’s secret blend of fragrant, Organic Darjeeling Tea with malty Assam Tea, creating a punchy and full-bodied, proper brew. Londoners like it best with a dash of milk. Perfect with morning toast and marmalade.)

5 x N1 Earl Grey Tea Bags

(A robust and pioneer blend of whole-leaf Organic black teas fragrantly infused with delicate Kiani Tea Bergamot oil.)

Brewing Idea Pour 95° water over your teabag in your chosen cup and infuse for 3 minutes. Remove teabag and serve.

Our limited edition Teabags are crafted to perfection completely without glues or harmful chemicals usually found in teabags.