Porcelain scallop edge teacup

Porcelain scallop edge teacup

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Artisan Elegance for Longjing Tea 

Adorned with delicate bamboo motifs and scalloped edges, this cup is crafted for enjoying the refined flavors of Longjing tea in style.

🍃 Artisan Craftsmanship: Hand-painted with care, each porcelain tea cup is a testament to traditional Chinese aesthetics, reflecting the tranquility and grace of Longjing tea gardens.

🍵 Perfect for Longjing Tea: Designed to heighten the Longjing tea experience, this cup's fine porcelain construction preserves the tea's delicate flavors and aromas, allowing you to savor every nuance with each infusion.

🌿 Functional Elegance: Beyond its artistic charm, the ergonomic design and scalloped edges ensure a comfortable grip and smooth drinking experience, making it a joy to use during solo moments of reflection or shared tea ceremonies.

Enhance your tea ritual with the timeless beauty and functional elegance of our Bamboo Hand-Painted Porcelain Tea Cup, where craftsmanship meets the art of tea enjoyment.