Rudkhan Castle Black Tea - First Flush 2023
Rudkhan Castle Black Tea - First Flush 2023

Rudkhan Castle Black Tea - First Flush 2023

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Enjoy rare Iranian First Flush Tea handpicked in April 2023

Tea Info:

Handpicked April 2023 in Rudkhan Castle County, Fuman Village

Oxidation level: Short and low

Elevation: 200m

How to make the perfect cup:

 - Iranian Brewing notes  (please follow Iranian Brewing Notes to experience the full tasting palette)

  • Use 8g of leaves 
  • Boil 200ml water filtered water at 95℃ and pour over leaves in your cup or gaiwan
  • Let the leaves steep for 8 minutes and remove leaves immediately 
  • The leaves can be reused 5-8 times brewed at 8 minutes each time
  • Best enjoyed pure without milk and sugar


  • Double creme, umami richness, vegetal, malty, floral, 
  • Aroma: Floral, muffins, forest, dark wood
  • Mouthfeel: thick, smooth, creamy, a lingering strong aftertaste

 Rudkhan Castle was listed as a National Heritage site in 1976.  Rudkhan Castle is a brick and stone medieval fortress in Iran that was built by the Talysh people to defend against the Arab invaders during the Muslim conquest of Persia. With the fall of the Sasanian Empire, this area became a defensive position against the Arabs in the then-newly established Tabarestan.

Iranian tea culture has been around as long as the Silk Road that first brought tea to the Persian region. 

🍃 Tea has been grown in Gilan, Iran since the late 1800s when an Iranian diplomat named Mohammad Mirza introduced tea cultivation to Iran. (He also served as the first mayor of Tehran, spoke French, and studied law at Sorbonne University in Paris)
When he entered Mumbai in late 1898 he immediately started studying tea production. Upon his return to Iran, he gathered tea seeds and saplings of tea, coffee, cinnamon, pepper, and cardamom and smuggled them into Iran 🌱 

By 1903 there were 300.000 tea plants in Lahijan alone. 

Due to his works, he was given the title “Kashef as-Saltaneh, meaning “Royal Discoverer”.

Lo.Artisan Tea Farm

Handpicked in April 2023 and Processed by Lo Tea Gilan founded by Mostafa and Mohammad in 2017 to create a small batch of high-quality artisan Iranian Tea, whilst equipping their workers with generous pay for their hard work.