Traditional Rose Jam
Traditional Rose Jam
Traditional Rose Jam

Traditional Rose Jam

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Handmade from "gol-e-Mohammadi" better known as the Persian Rose. My Mum's Rose Jam was a success at the Silk Road Bazaar hosted by the Aga Khan Foundation this summer. Upon high demand, we promised to release some on the website. We have created a very limited batch, especially for you. 

Its mesmerizing aroma has you enchanted before the first taste. After the first taste, there is no turning back. The Persian Rose Jam has long been known for its health benefits in the treatment of depression and skin diseases, this is due to the health benefits of the rose petals and its therapeutic properties.

 The preparation process is simple and in line with ancient traditions, way before preservatives were a thing. This jam is never cooked, rather, it is cured in the sun. Once cured, it will preserve itself for years. 

How to enjoy Rose Jam?

The sweet jam is made entirely with natural ingredients (Rose Petals, Water, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Walnuts) and contains no additives or preservatives.

The Jam can be enjoyed in many ways, here are some ideas:

- on its own (we are guilty of this)

- on Greek yogurt for breakfast or as ice cream topping for dessert

- on bread with cheese, cream cheese, or butter, 

- In Victorian Sponge Cakes or other cakes where jam is usually used

- Once you have tried Rose Jam there is no going back. Try it and share your experience with us!

 Please note, there are two types available. One is the traditional Persian style with Walnuts and one batch is made without walnuts.

Please don't purchase if you have any nut allergies.

Store in fridge.

Each pack comes with 2 x small 45ml jars (90ml in total)